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Absorbing paint

Absorbing paint

The company's two-component absorbing coating can be cured at room temperature, the coating is smooth and flat, suitable for different shapes of targets, and easy to construct; it can be coated on the surface of different metal substrates. It has excellent centimeter wave absorption performance and can effectively reduce the radar of weapon equipment. The wave scattering cross section improves the survivability of weaponry.


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Product Details



Performance parameter model standard test
YB-818-X YB-818-KU YB-818-CM
Exterior color black Gray-black gray Visual inspection
Solid content (%) 70%±2 60%±2 65%±2 GB/T 1725
Viscosity (s) 55±5 55±5 55±5 GB/T 1723
Drying time (h) Surface dryness: 0.5 (23℃) Actual dryness: 2 (60℃) GB/T 6753.2
Coating thickness (mm) ≤1.0 ≤0.75 ≤1.5 GB/T 1764
Area density (kg/ni) ≤2.0 ≤1.5 ≤2.5 /
60° gloss (%) ≤6 ≤30 ≤60 GB/T9754
Adhesion (MPa) ≥5 GB/T5210-2006
Impact resistance (kg· cm) ≥50 GB/T 1732
Flexibility (mm) <50 GB/T 1731
Temperature resistance (℃) -70~150 GB/T 1735-79
Salt spray resistance (h) >1000 GB/T 1771
Absorbing performance (dB) See the figure below for details GB/T 2038-79


Main performance of typical products [reflectivity curve]:



The main applications of absorbing coatings:



It can effectively reduce the radar wave cross section of weapon equipment and improve the survivability of weapon equipment.