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Development path

9In 2020, we purchased 40 acres of land, and the new plant is under construction.

8In 2019, the production capacity of the coating line was expanded to 7; the coil μ'reached 300; the plant was expanded to cover an area of 40 acres; and the high-tech enterprise certificate was approved.

7In 2018, the coating production line was expanded to 4; the coil μ'reached 250, and the thickness was Min.20um; a series of silica gel absorbing patches were independently developed to achieve mass production and import substitution.

6In 2017, the coating production line was expanded to 3; the coil μ'recognized the thickness of 220,Min.25um.

5In 2016, the coating production line was expanded to 2; the coil μ'reached 200, and the thickness was Min.30um.

4In 2015, the production line of coating process absorbing patch was completed; the coil μ'reached 180, and the thickness was Min.50um; it was recognized as a provincial science and technology enterprise.

3In 2014, the rolling process absorbing patch production line was completed; passed the ISO9001 certification; and was approved as a major science and technology project in Zhejiang Province

2In 2013, the electromagnetic wave absorber production line was completed; it entered the special marine science and technology project in the selected sea area.

1In 2012, Zhejiang Yuanbang Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established; it was selected as the 5313 talent project in Zhoushan City.


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