Main applications of absorbing materials

Electromagnetic noise suppression sheet
The company's electromagnetic noise suppression sheet series products are made by mixing, dispersing, and pressing micron-level flake alloy soft magnetic powder and polymer, and have excellent electromagnetic noise suppression functions. The product has stable performance and excellent appearance. It can also be used with copper foil, aluminum foil, conductive cloth, etc.
High frequency silicone absorbing material
The company's silica gel absorbing material products are soft magnetic materials made by mixing micron-sized flake iron-based alloy powder and silica gel, dispersing and curing at high temperature, with excellent absorbing effect, excellent dielectric properties, and strong weather resistance. Among them, the thermally conductive absorbing material can effectively conduct internal heat while absorbing electromagnetic waves to prevent damage to system components due to excessive temperature.
Absorbing paint
The company's absorbing coating is two-component, which can be cured at room temperature, the coating is smooth and flat, adapts to different shapes of targets, and is easy to construct; it can be coated on the surface of different metal substrates. It has excellent centimeter wave absorption performance and can effectively reduce the radar of weapons and equipment. The wave scattering cross section improves the survivability of weaponry.