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The company's strong technical force, advanced process equipment, complete testing equipment, stable product quality and professional after-sales service are well received by users. The company has always insisted on taking technological innovation as the driving force, market-oriented, and sincere service as its purpose, and cooperates with customers at home and abroad to seek common development!

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Absorbing patch structure
The secret of the flexible absorbing patch lies in its structure. Ultra-thin flake magnetic powder and polymer materials form a "core-shell" structure and overlap each other in the same plane and in the same direction.
The flexible absorbing material converts the harmful noise absorbed into heat, thereby improving the electromagnetic environment.
Production Process
Simplify and unify the production process of operators Work, thereby shortening product delivery time and establishing Standardized production process system.
Digitization of management systems
Introduce systematic logistics and production management System, so that while ensuring quality, Improve the rapid mass production of new products ability.
Swift customer response mechanism
In order to improve the quality of service, a rapid Customer response mechanism.
The establishment of a smart factory
Based on electronic automation, established Intelligent type that can realize automated logistics Production plant.