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Mayor Xu Renbiao Investigates the Economic Development Work of High tech Zone

Summary:On the afternoon of May 10th, Mayor Xu Renbiao and his delegation went to the High tech Zone to inve...

On the afternoon of May 10th, Mayor Xu Renbiao and his delegation went to the High tech Zone to investigate the economic development of the park. The research team conducted on-site inspections on the construction of projects such as Hongfa Zhoushan Industrial Park, Futong Residential Submarine Cable, and Zhejiang Yuanbang's annual production of 1 million square meters of noise suppression film. Subsequently, an on-site office meeting was held. Chen Lin, member of the Party Leadership Group of the municipal government and director of the High tech Zone Management Committee, Hou Kok Chung, secretary general of the municipal government, and heads of the municipal development and reform commission, the municipal finance bureau, the municipal resources planning bureau, the municipal ecological environment bureau, the municipal transportation bureau, the municipal emergency bureau, the municipal tax bureau, the municipal research office and other departments were accompanied.

At the meeting, the Management Committee of the High tech Zone reported on its work since the beginning of this year and the main problems in the economic operation process. In response to the problem, attendees conducted in-depth research on specific solutions.

Xu Renbiao affirmed the good start achieved in the construction of projects in the high-tech zone since the beginning of this year, and also pointed out the shortcomings. He pointed out that the high-tech zone should closely focus on the goal and task of "building a modern marine city" throughout the city, serve the national strategy, serve the marine economy, and strive to be the vanguard in practical work. He emphasized that in the next stage of work, the high-tech zone should continue to make efforts, continuously elevate the benchmark and strive for excellence.

Firstly, the concept should be correct

The high-tech zone should clarify its own positioning, identify the direction of development, and use the number of projects introduced, the output value generated, and the amount of taxes paid as important criteria for evaluating economic development work. All cadres in the high-tech zone should bravely shoulder the burden of development, overcome difficulties, and strive to advance, making the high-tech zone a leader in Zhoushan's development.

Secondly, good planning

Do a good job in industrial planning, focusing on what industry to develop, how to develop, and what kind of development to become. Use high-quality industrial planning to guide investment promotion work more efficiently. To do a good job in land use planning, it is necessary to enhance the awareness of land conservation, determine the entry and construction standards for enterprises, and effectively improve the efficiency of land use.

The third is to refine the project

We must adhere to the principle of projects being the king, continue to attract large and strong enterprises, combine with the positioning of the high-tech zone, carry out industry chain investment, and fully introduce "chain leading enterprises" and "leading projects". Efforts should be made to optimize investment policies and continuously enhance the overall competitiveness of high-tech zones and their new attraction to enterprises.

The fourth is to ensure strong security

We will make every effort to build supporting facilities such as water, electricity, and gas, optimize enterprise services, help enterprises solve practical problems, and ensure that enterprises in the area have no worries about production and operation.

Fifth, the mechanism needs to be active

We need to further innovate institutional mechanisms and properly address various management issues such as approval authority. The high-tech zone and various departments at the city level should strengthen cooperation, flexibly utilize various coordination mechanisms, and truly achieve the goal of thinking and using strength together.

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